Thursday, December 10, 2009

The ULTIMATE Salon and Spa Experience!

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity so spend the whole afternoon at N'Vogue Salon and Spa. Beth Teate, an amazing Christian woman and business owner, wanted me to see what N'Vogue had to offer for my brides-to-be! My afternoon spa schedule consisted of a Deluxe European Facial with Annette; Hair cut, shampoo, and style with Kristan; and make-up with Tammy! It was all so fabulous. I love being pampered...I don't get to do it enough!

I had actually never had a facial before (i know, crazy.) and it was so great. My skin felt so clean and refreshed and moisturized! Annette, the master esthetician, was so gentle and knew just what my skin needed.

Then onto the hair.... Kristan, a Master Stylist, gave me an amazing massaging shampoo and gloss treatment. I think at one point I fell asleep in the chair, ha!! She also gave me a great cut, best one in years! I didn't think I wanted any layers, but when she finished, it looked awesome!! (Now if only I could do it at home...) I will for sure be going back to Kristan to keep my hair looking good!

Next, I was able to sit and have a nice chat with Tammy, the Senior Make-up Artist, about how they treat their brides-to-be! As she was doing my make up, adding some trendy new tips, she told me about their Bridal Package. They always do a Make-up and/or Hair "run-through." It is included in the package! At N'Vogue, they want to make sure you are completely satisfied with how beautiful you will be on your wedding day!
N'Vogue is also a great spot for a party! "A Day at the Spa" to celebrate a birthday with your girlfriends, or any special occasion. They would love to accommodate you!

N'Vogue is located in Vestavia Hills, in the City Center. Not only do they offer great services, but they also carry several full lines of make-up and skin care products in their Boutique! Some of their lines include Julie Hewitt, Paula Dorf, Kiss Me, and Tina Earnshaw.
As an added bonus, N'Vogue also has trendy jewelry, handbags, candles, and gifts. You can do some great Christmas shopping for all the ladies on your list in one place!

I had a great experience at N'Vogue and can't wait for my brides to have the same experience! Thank you to Beth and Misty for everything!

Check out N'Vogue's daily blog for AWESOME tips and tricks, and GIVEAWAYS!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Party Ideas

It's finally (or already) December! One of my favorite months because there are always so many PARTIES! Not only do I love attending Christmas or Holiday parties, but I also love hosting them! I am blessed to have been hired to plan and coordinate a couple Holiday parties this year, so today I have been doing some brainstorming (and internet searching, of course) to find some good ideas to use this year.
I love the magazine Real Simple, so of course I went right to for some quick holiday entertaining ideas!

Great idea for a kid's cookie decorating Party!

Winter fruits add so much color and texture

Or use the red and green wrapped kisses for more color!

In the south, you can find a Magnolia tree on practically every corner. Your neighbor would be glad to provide you with such a holiday staple!

Pinecones are also easy to find and make a perfect RUSTIC centerpiece

Pumpkins are on sale in November! Cut off the top, scoop some of the insides out, and put a jar with water inside....

Now, on to FOOD--- the good part! always has fun, different, and EASY recipes...

I love Shrimp Cocktail because its so simple and easy to eat at a party. Most people are trying to eat healthy around the holidays too!

A great idea for a small party-- set out by the bar and your Spicy Pecans will for sure be a hit!!

Stuffed Mushrooms are one of my favorites-- and especially these, made with goat cheese!

This Lemon-Thyme dip is a perfect match to your favorite veggies!

A hot bake Brie cheese spread with candied pecans is a perfect appetizer on a cold December night.

And last, but certainly not least, Goat cheese and Sun-dried tomato Crostinis....DELICIOUS!

Looking forward to the parties!!