Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Party Ideas

It's finally (or already) December! One of my favorite months because there are always so many PARTIES! Not only do I love attending Christmas or Holiday parties, but I also love hosting them! I am blessed to have been hired to plan and coordinate a couple Holiday parties this year, so today I have been doing some brainstorming (and internet searching, of course) to find some good ideas to use this year.
I love the magazine Real Simple, so of course I went right to for some quick holiday entertaining ideas!

Great idea for a kid's cookie decorating Party!

Winter fruits add so much color and texture

Or use the red and green wrapped kisses for more color!

In the south, you can find a Magnolia tree on practically every corner. Your neighbor would be glad to provide you with such a holiday staple!

Pinecones are also easy to find and make a perfect RUSTIC centerpiece

Pumpkins are on sale in November! Cut off the top, scoop some of the insides out, and put a jar with water inside....

Now, on to FOOD--- the good part! always has fun, different, and EASY recipes...

I love Shrimp Cocktail because its so simple and easy to eat at a party. Most people are trying to eat healthy around the holidays too!

A great idea for a small party-- set out by the bar and your Spicy Pecans will for sure be a hit!!

Stuffed Mushrooms are one of my favorites-- and especially these, made with goat cheese!

This Lemon-Thyme dip is a perfect match to your favorite veggies!

A hot bake Brie cheese spread with candied pecans is a perfect appetizer on a cold December night.

And last, but certainly not least, Goat cheese and Sun-dried tomato Crostinis....DELICIOUS!

Looking forward to the parties!!


  1. I LOVE all of those ideas! The pictures are so pretty too. They pop off the page :) So proud of you!

  2. I love them too Molly : )) I put your blog in my "favorites" : )

  3. Idea for the Baked Brie and pecans....DELICIOUS made with Sweet Melissa's Dipping sauce---check it out at
    or find them on Facebook. Beth has the recipe on her website and it is wonderful. You can find her sauces locally at The Pig or Western.

  4. Gorgeous Easter party tablescape. The pink centerpiece is simply looking awesome. It reminded me of my last year Easter party at one of San Francisco venues where we has something similar there. It was really best one with amazing preparations.