Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MY Parties!

I'm excited because I'm finally getting to have MY OWN parties at my new house!! My mom and I have been working on my draperies and such and I had to set a deadline so that we would actually get them done...haha. So, today's the day! YAY! It feels good.

Tomorrow night I'm hosting a little get together for a Willow House party, given by Brittany Allen. If you didn't read my previous post on Willow House, check it out below... Can't wait for all my friends to see the improvements we've made since moving in. I will post pictures to facebook later so check them out!

Then next week, I get to host Supper Club (consists of my best high school friends and their husbands and babies, about 16 of us usually)! I will be cooking the main dish....I'm thinking turkey and dressing to get in the holiday spirit....but we'll see. Then every one else brings the sides, etc.

Obviously, I'm the party person, so getting everything perfect for these two occasions is work in itself! But its what I love to do, so its fun to me =)

Now, gotta get cooking!

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  1. I can't wait to see how your house looks all finished! have fun entertaining! I seem to finish another room in my house each time I have another party.